Creaking floors and Opening Doors/Paranormal or ParaBull

So many people automatically assume that a creaking floor or the shutting and opening of a door on its own is paranormal.  In fact most of the time that is the furthest thing from the truth.  

Creaking floors are just that.  Especially in older homes the floors creak.  It could be anything from the house settling to an animal under the floor moving around.  

Doors open and close sometimes.  This could be from the wind in the home or building or from another door being opened sending pressure throughout the building.  Often times doors are loose and move with the slightest movement.

It important to point these two things out, simply because these are the most common forms of “paranormal” behavior that people have claims of.  It is important for people to realize that just because your head has been filled with all the para-bull on television doesn’t make it so.  In fact 99% of the time it can simply be explained or debunked.  Therefore it is not paranormal activity.





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