Dungeons and Ghost Hunters

     First of all let me just say that I grew up on a steady diet of fantasy stories, I played Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid, and I worshiped the ground that Tolkien had walked on. So I am not a hater here, hell if Gandalf knocked on my door tomorrow morning and said  “let’s go CJ” I would kick off my shoes and be out of here Hobbit style! Here now is the point-I know that is never going to happen, this is reality.
     When I see so many so called paranormal teams running around in a seemingly endless state of demonic infestation-it really makes me laugh. If there is even such a thing as “demons” I would imagine that they are incredibly rare to encounter, I certainly have never run into one. Well a demonologist once told me I had 7 demonic entities attatched to me, but that is a whole different story for another time! I personally believe that “demons” only gained their negative definition due to Christianity, way back in the day the term “demon” was used in a similar fashion as spirit, ghost, djinn, god,etc…. that is just my opinion, y’all can believe whatever you want.
      I think some paranormal teams are stuck in some sort of fantasy world where demons, monsters, witches, wizards, and crap all really exist-and that is what it is-a fantasy world. Oh ya, by “witches” I’m not talking Salem, Massachusetts type witches…more like that crazy chick from Harry Potter type. What I’m saying is this, isn’t trying to communicate with the dead and document it paranormal enough? Your not friggin’ Van Helsing running around after all these supernatural beasts and monsters, that is a fantasy people. This field struggles for validity as it is, and when idiots run around screaming DEMON! every time they stub their toe it makes the rest of us look like idiots too.
      In closing let me say this: we as paranormal investigators are supposed to have open minds, but not so open that it actually falls out if you know what I mean. So if you want some fantasy in your life go read a book, or bust out your old 20 sided die and grab your sword that is +5 against lychanthropes and play some D and D in your basement. Want to know what my sword is +5 against? It is +5 against bullshit….
                                                                           Stay classy paranormal,
                                                                                      CJ Moschetto 


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