ParaUnity or ParaWannabe?

I have come to realize that so many go on about ParaUnity.  When the truth of the matter is this:  We all dream and want this ParaUnity that everyone speaks of.  In fact people want this so much that they forget the truth and go after the hype just so that they can be part of the ParaUnity Group.  

To me, to be truly ParaUnity, you have to stick to the truth and not the television hype, scare tactics, or just because they say it is then it must be so.  That is only ParaWannabe.  

Don’t get me wrong, ParaUnity could be a good thing if used properly and not for the show, money, hype, and etc…  If we could all stick together to support the truth in the Paranormal Field like any other industry or field of expertise then you would have ParaUnity and not ParaWannabe or ParaBull.

As it is right now, if you don’t belong to a group of ghost hunters that find something at every investigation or hear or see something around the corners then you aren’t on top of your game.  And that isn’t true.  For we all know that is for TV not reality.  

ParaUnity does not mean that because one group says they seen something or heard something that you have to say it as well.  If it isn’t so then don’t say it.  If you have questions about something then ask them.  If you question what was said or seen then call them out on it.  That is ParaUnity or at least it should be.

This is not a competition on who can find the most ghost or spirits.  It isn’t a competition on who has the most investigations or sightings or who meet the most people or is on the most television shows.  Or is it?  I can tell you that it shouldn’t be. but it has turned out that way.  Now, you tell me, does that sound like ParaUnity to you?

As professionals and individuals we should unite to find the truth.  We shouldn’t be scared to call someone out on a difference of opinion or saying “I can explain that or debunk that.”  We shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask help from another in our field.  Get a second opinion,  make sure what you think you seen is real.  Have your back up ready to claim or disclaim.  That my friends is ParaUnity.

April Parden…..Paresistence


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