Heroes and Villains

    Y’all want to know why April and I get along so well? So well that we combined forces for this new project? Simple really, we both bought tickets for the same train of thought. This train in particular isn’t always easy to find in the paranormal community-in fact it seems harder to find everyday. Let me explain….
    When you first decide you would like to start a team or just get involved in the paranormal somehow, you are going to meet a lot of people-everybody and their grandmother has a paranormal team these days. Sadly with quantity does not come quality, like too much water and not enough Kool-Aid things get watered down and they taste like shit. Same applies to the paranormal field.  E.N.E.M.I. has spent the last year and a half at war with some of these “diluted” teams and individuals, in an effort to remove these cancers from the field. Make no mistake people, just like the real world not everyone in the paranormal community is on the level…in fact there are some serious scumbags and shady people and teams out there. Be aware, research a person or team before you get involved, and if different people are saying the same negative things about a team then chances are it is TRUE.
    I say all this after Danielle from my team stepped up last night and did a scathing interview with Maine Ghost Hunters about a certain person and his team. I threw my 2 cents in at the end as well 😉 Here is where perception is key-because I know E.N.E.M.I., and myself even more so have been attacked as “haters”, “trouble makers”, “not a real team because we haven’t done a ton of investigations”, I was called “an angry young man”, ” a gangbanger”, and people even said that ” I’d be in trouble if we ever met face to face”. Kind of crazy huh? lol
   Well I am a “hater” because I hate all the fakes and posers in this field, I am a “trouble maker” because I make trouble for all the para-scum, if I counted everytime I walked through a graveyard as an “investigation” I would have a ton of investigations too, “angry young man” well I turn 34 in July so I ain’t getting any younger here-but I definately am angry at how some people in this field give the fakes a free pass and don’t say anything, “gangbanger” haha well to be honest I have never been a gang member although I did serve a 2 year sentence back in 1999 on the gang block at Middleton House of Correction. Did you catch that? It is called honesty and it is something sorely missing from a large chunk of the paranormal community-my life is an open book if you ask me I will tell you, I don’t try and cover my past like a few people in the field that I know of….
   If “villain” is now a term used to define someone who exposes the truth, tries to help and protect people, and stands up against all the bad shit in this field….then a villain I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
                                                    Stay classy paranormal,


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