Rick Hale: Our First Guest

We would love to welcome our first guest, Rick Hale.  The following is word for word what Rick said.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do here at The Paresistance.  All comments and feedback are welcomed.  *CJ and April*

My fascination with psychical research began in 1982 when I was 8 years old. I was spending the night at my grandparents house on the Northwest side of Chicago, IL. I got up to use the bathroom and witnessed an elderly woman walk out of the bathroom that wasn’t my grandmother. She looked down at me and smiled she then turned and vanished. I always joke that I knew about the dead before I could ride a bike. In the summer of 1992 at 18 I started to investigate. My first investigation was a young girl that claimed to be getting harassed by what we now call shadow people. As I was addressing these entities one appeared and shoved me. Since then I have investigated numerous private homes and businesses either solo or with larger groups. Beginning in May 2008 I began writing for Paranormalunderground.net and co-hosting Paranormal Underground Radio at Ztalkradio.com thursday nights 8-10 p.m. central. My main area of research is psychic ability and how it relates to life after death research. Over the years I have met several who claim a Psi ability but can count on one hand those that do. I’m very much concerned with what the field has become due to the massive influx of TV shows. I understand that they are for entertainment and I rather enjoy a few. However, the shows have turned a serious field of scientific inquiry into a sensationalized joke. Take demons for example if demons were as numerous as the shows claim then you could probably get a two for one deal on possession at the local supermarket. As a Buddhist I don’t believe in the fallen angel paradigm that has been defined by western christianity. If these beings exist at all then they are some kind of special order of spiritual being. Provoking has done a lot of damage to the field. People see us as foul-mouthed hooligans. There is little to no professionalism in the field  right now. And it saddens me that many use this as a means to gain fame. I’m not saying cancel the shows but they need to be held to a higher standard. People are watching and waiting to discredit the whole thing.


Rick Hale

Rick hale


One thought on “Rick Hale: Our First Guest

  1. You fit right in here Rick! I am always happy to meet someone who doesn’t buy all this demon crap, thank you again for doing the blog and just being supportive. I know April as well as myself greatly appreciate it, and interacting with like minded people was one of our goals with this whole Paresistance thing.

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