3rd times a charm right? Oh it better be, this will be the 3rd time I have attempted to write this blog. My computer clearly has betrayed me, now I’m blogging on my phone and this better work.
   Well this is a heads up for all the paranormal “weekend warriors” out there, who probably don’t read this blog because we discuss the truth over here. When all you want is a pat on the ass from the community you don’t care about the truth.
     A few years ago a woman down on Cape Cod killed her daughter trying to exorcise the devil from her. She was shoving something down the girl’s throat and choked her to death. Was this a case of genuine possession? Or was the mother just crazier than a shit house rat? I couldn’t tell you, unlike some people on this field I don’t pretend to know everything, or claim to be an expert, I have my opinion and if people don’t care for it oh friggin’ well….
   Any moron can buy a recorder and a camera, then get their idiot friends to go trespass in a cemetery and call themselves a paranormal team-doesn’t make you anything but part of the problem. That’s another story…
    Mental illness and medication issues….the potential explanation for all sorts of “paranormal activity”, hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, paranoia, panic attacks, all could be symptoms of certain mental disorders, or side effects of medication. Always ask your client about any history of mental illness or medication they may be taking. It could directly affect your investigation or your team. I happen to like my team, so I am not sending E.N.E.M.I. in anywhere where the clients may be unstable or even dangerous.
    We recently took down a team who thought they could go into a home where they knew the son had mental issues, and claim he was possessed by a demon. This led to a psychological break and an attempted suicide after that team said he didn’t need to take his anti-depressants….bullshit.
   We are there to investigate and debunk claims of paranormal activity, we are not therapists, psychologists, or pharmacists, know your friggin’ limitations- lives could hang in the balance. Just do your homework people, there’s a lot of shit you need to know about in the paranormal that doesn’t concern ghosts or spirits…knowledge is power- so arm yourself. Of course if your just a thrill seeker and learned all you know from Ghost Adventures, just stay the hell out of peoples homes…they don’t need para-tards like you making things worse…

                Stay classy paranormal,



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