Truth Is Bulletproof

So many of us talk about wanting answers, but so many of us are willing to accept whatever is said to us.  It doesn’t matter if is believable or not nor if it is so far fetched that a five year old would know better.  We just accept what is said without question and go on. The sad part about this is how much damage this could and does cause. If you want the truth then why listen to lies?
We can and should do better than that.  If you are in a relationship or at work or around a friend and something sounds wrong or like a lie you question it so why not question the aspects of life and or life after death.  Are we really that gullible or just plain dumb?  Truth is bulletproof. And by that I simply mean that theories and lies can be blown away with the holes in the stories. But truth is truth and it is there no matter what.
That’s why here at Paresistance we thrive on truth.  Isn’t it the responsible thing to do?  Especially since we have so many television shows and so many who only seek fame and fortune instead of truth.
As you read in an earlier post being told the lies that so many seem to tell and even more seem to believe can be dangerous and hurtful.  Is this what you want?  Is this what you seek and desire?  If so go ahead and continue to watch and believe those who call themselves “professional ghost hunters”  or as I call them “the remakes of ghost busters” . 
If we all take a stand saying we want the truth and the truth is all we will accept then the truth is what you shall receive.  Seek and learn the truth for the truth is bulletproof.
I will not apologize if this offends anyone simply because I believe in truth and if I say I’m sorry then I would be lieing.  Nit to mention if you get offended then the chances are you are guilty of this.  So instead of being offended change it and share what we believe in which is truth.

“Keeping It Real”


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