Putrid Smells=Demons=ParaBull

It is time for a rant instead of just a blog.  I normally do not rant, but this time I am.  You see I was watching one of the “Ghost Haunting” shows the other night.  (I am not naming the show because I do not want to get sued because they can’t take the truth.)  And as soon as they walked in they smelled a “putrid smell” and of course they automatically said that it was a “Demon”.  Really?  How do you know this?  You didn’t even take the time out to try and find where the supposed smell was coming from.  It could have been anything or nothing.  It could have been a dead animal, the heating and/or air unit, something that was used in cleaning, or the great possibility of someone’s body odor.  It is called debunking.  Which is something we as professionals are supposed to do.  Even if it can NOT be debunked does NOT mean it is a demon.  Some believe in demons and some don’t, but either way a putrid smell or odor does not mean demon or any other entity.  I really wish that people would stop trying to turn anything and everything into something evil or paranormal.  I am beginning to believe that people want to scare people more than help them and if this is the case it is wrong and you are the evil one in the place.  If someone in the paranormal field is doing this then they need to find another profession.  

I do not believe that some of us realize what grief and pain and horridness that we put people through.  And by doing this it can be very dangerous.  I know for a fact that anyone can make anyone believe something that isn’t true.  It isn’t hard to convince someone they are smelling something that they really are not smelling.  Why? Because we as individuals want to believe and trust in the so called “professionals” that are supposed to be there to help people out.  

Convincing someone that they have a “demonic entity” especially when they do not can be damaging in so many ways from health to financial.  By this I mean they can be so stressed out by this that health issues occur or they convince themselves, because of you, that they are the reason for it and they become depressed and full of anxiety that it could end up in homicide or suicide.  (I have come across this before…..I also clean up crime, trauma, and death scenes and i can tell you that when I find out the reason someone has killed themselves because they couldn’t take the evil entities that are “lurking” about, it upsets me so much especially when I find out it is because someone else told them that there was one around.  Until you come across this personally I do not think you can understand the impact it has on a person.)

So I am saying this today to EVERYONE in or out of the paranormal industry…..STOP!!!!!  We are not here to ruin people’s lives but instead to help them.

It can also put people in financial ruins.  Example:  A newly married couple just sank $200,000 into their first home and haven’t been there but a couple of months.  New area, new jobs, new marriage.  Now they have been told they have a demonic entity, and they can not handle this so they sale their new home for a lot less than what they paid so they take a loss, they have to start over so they take a loss, in the end 9 out of 10 times the marriage then falls apart due to financial problems, once again another loss, and all because of us not doing our jobs properly.  

Once again to those in or out of the paranormal industry…….STOP!!!!!

If you want to be called a professional then act like one.  And for those of you who are clients or might become clients, do not be afraid to speak up, ask questions, disagree if you need to, but DO NOT LET someone or a team come in a tear you and your family apart just because they want to say they have a haunting under their belt.  

What most people in and out the paranormal field do not realize is that we are supposed to be disproving these things.  And then and only then when it can not be explained or debunked then maybe you have a haunting.  And there is no shame in getting a second opinion or someone to come in and help you with an investigation if you can not debunk something.  Some of us are better at that than others.



Keeping It Real



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