Class is in session…

   Good morning class, please everyone take your seats and settle down now….good. OK then, eyes forward and let us begin…
    I just wanted to take a few minutes and explain the reason for my “Lessons” series of videos on YouTube. First of all let me assure you that I am nobody, I’m not famous, and I’m certainly not a “para-celebrity”, as always I am just one man with an opinion-who is not afraid to voice that opinion. The paranormal field is no different than the real world, there will be those who bite their tongue’s,  those who are afraid to speak up, and those who are confident enough to simply share their opinion-even if people don’t agree.
    Can you guess which category I fit into? Haha see I don’t expect everyone to agree with me-and that is fine, because I don’t agree with a lot of things either. I do however respect people’s right to say what they want, even if I think they are stupid or pompous douchebags for what they said.
   The other aspect is this: Unlike some people out there who count everytime they ever stepped in a cemetery as an “investigation”, I don’t bust my ass looking for places. People call me for help. When not busy with that I look for ways to keep myself busy and hopefully do something that people enjoy. “3 Minute Haunting” on YouTube is one little project, and most recently “Lesson #1” and “Lesson #2”. Just little videos where I offer my advice to people in the paranormal-even if they didn’t ask for it. Agree or disagree with me at least I know what I’m talking about, enough to at least share some knowledge with everybody. And that is my only goal around here, to inform people and illuminate the path to the truth.

                   Stay classy paranormal,



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