Here’s a random thought that has popped into my head over the past 3 days: “Always present yourself as what you really are.”
    It had been a few months since I had to contact a potential client, and I’ve done it twice now in 3 days. Which is why I am so glad that I always keep it real, I never present myself or E.N.E.M.I. as anything more than we are. That is a fact.
    I don’t “pad my stats” if you know what I mean, I don’t claim tons of investigations or years and years of experience to impress people. I’m honest. My life and paranormal “career” are matters of public record-Google me sometime- CJ Moschetto it’s all right there for you. I don’t guarantee that we can help the client, I always say “we will do our best to get you some answers and help you out.” Since I am not a para-scumbag I can’t promise “results” or evidence…because that just isn’t realistic.
    At the very least the fact that people have somebody who will listen to them is comforting to them. They can openly admit their fears and experiences without any fear of judgement. Even if that is as far as it goes, even if they decide they don’t want an actual investigation-we still helped. We still comforted them. They may sleep a little better because of us. That is what I call a victory people, that is what this is all about.

                   Stay classy paranormal,


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