Expansion agenda

  Hey what’s up everybody? How y’all doing this fine Saturday afternoon? Forgive my tardiness in blogging, had my daughter Brooklynn for the past 4 days so we were having some quality time. =)
   So I have finally found E.N.E.M.I. a sponsor-which I think is very cool. Downshift Apparel a local clothing company stepped up and said “let’s do it!” Now I ended up having a discussion with a friend the other day as to what I meant by “we got sponsored” so let me explain my idea of sponsorship here.
   I am not looking for money people, I am not a parasite, all I am interested in is getting our name out there-so we can try to help people. So I saw Downshift Apparel and I spoke with their founder, they are a young local company-just like E.N.E.M.I. Now what we have to offer each other is our fanbase-and I don’t say fanbase like we are celebrities or any of that shit, I simply mean supporters. They have a website and a fb page, we have that and Twitter, YouTube,  and I am here at the Paresistance. So we have different appeal to different demographics-they are car orientated and we are paranormal orientated-and there are people into both. BAM! There is the crossover point where both sides can gain.
   Hell all I’m gonna do is wear their shirts-which are really badass anyway-and help promote them. Perhaps real “sponsoring” involves money or equipment or whatever, but that’s not what this is about. Of course… anytime Monster wants to reconsider the way they shit on our proposal for them to sponsor us-you can call me. 😉 unless I start drinking some other energy drink…snooze you lose people.
                    Stay classy paranormal,



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