A world without wonder

  Back in high school I excelled at history and English, but in math and science-not so much. I was always an avid reader of epic fantasy novels, and I always wished I could go on an incredible journey to magical lands.
   Somehow Montreal-Canada, Burlington-Vermont, Manchester- New Hampshire, Lowell-Massachusetts, and a few other less notable places don’t rate as “magical lands” to me. At least in Montreal people spoke French, which I could at least pretend was Elvish or something. My point being this, even now at age 33 I still want to go see incredible things- and they are out there.
   I don’t know about anybody else, but the reason I hated math and science was because they destroy mystery, they explain everything. I would still be perfectly fine if I thought thunder & lightning were the God’s anger unleashed. That works for me, because honestly I don’t want to know everything. I don’t want to be so educated and enlightened that nothing can still trigger a primal awe in me. That’s like death to me, a world without wonder is no world for me.
  This is why I think I have always gravitated towards the occult or paranormal stuff-because you can’t explain it all away. There is no mathematical equasion to simply prove or disprove life after death. Science being science has disproved many things that were once thought to be paranormal, but I am okay with that. You know why? Because there’s still many things science hasn’t disproved, and you just know that must piss science off! But that narrow area my friends is where the wonder lives! So until that changes you will always find me here….
                   Stay classy paranormal,



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