3 Minute Haunting

  Since I am really excited about the relaunch of 3 Minute Haunting that I am working on, I figured I would remind everybody exactly what it is.
   So a while back I was doing some thinking, I was thinking about how even though television has made the paranormal more “acceptable” to a vast majority of people it is still a taboo. Maybe it’s a religious reason, or just good old skepticism, but some people just won’t entertain the idea of ghosts or spirits or any sort of life after death. Then I thought about some interactions I have had with people who were openly making fun of an E.N.E.M.I. flyer right in front of me- not realizing that I was the founder. Once I mentioned that fact they completely changed their tune, and began telling me about some experiences they had. Which made me realize that people are more likely to discuss the paranormal once they know they are “safe”. Clearly I’m not going to judge them or think they are crazy when I have my own paranormal team.
   Now my gears were turning and the idea came to me: I have to bring the paranormal to the people, because they won’t come to the paranormal. So I thought wouldn’t it be cool and entertaining to just go up to random people on the street and do a quick little interview. Thus 3 Minute Haunting was born! Just go up to someone and ask them if they believe in the paranormal, and if they could share an experience they might have had. We only did 5 episodes I believe, but it was really fun to hear people’s stories-and the people had fun doing it too.
  What I am working on doing is making 3 Minute Haunting less ghetto, as we used to record with my cell phone. We couldn’t edit or spruce it up or anything, so now I’m looking to take it to the next level. We will be filming with a real video camera, and we plan on editing several little interviews together into a full half hour show. Toss in a couple minutes of my typical random funny shit to fill it all out, start it with a cool little intro and really just have some fun with it. My role in the paranormal of calling out fake teams, and posers, and other para-scum is pretty serious to me, I took a stand and I defend this field everyday- hell that’s why April and I started this blog-to search for the truth and denounce the nonsense. So 3 Minute Haunting will allow me to just relax and have fun interacting with different people. Work is ongoing on the relaunch, but we do have a Facebook page if you want to go check out the old segments, and stay in the loop with what we are doing: that page is “3 Minute Haunting”. Shameless self promotion over.

                Stay classy paranormal,



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