Don’t get suckered in with the lies.

With all of the new paranormal shows that are starting up some to replace the others and others just to be on…..there’s a lot of mixed feelings and controversy over them. 
Do NOT get suckered in with all the nonsense and lies.  I take it personally and it does offend me because I as well as some others study and work in the paranormal field.  And we do this because we want the truth not the fame and fortune from lies.
Yes the shows are good for entertainment purposes and I am not saying that ALL is fake but most are. 
Once again do not believe everything you see on television and do not get suckered into the lies.

Stay Class and Keep it Real

Happy Father’s Day

I would like to take a moment on the behalf of Paresistance to wish all the Dads a Happy Fathers Day.  Thank you for all that you do for your children and grand children. 

It is a hard time for me because my Daddy is not with me in the physical sense anymore.  I can’t hug him and sit in his lap anymore.  I do talk to him daily ad I know he hears me.  I don’t always get a response or even a sign, but there’s times I do.  But none the less I know he’s here.  Happy Fathers Day Daddy.  I miss and love you.

I would like to say a special Happy Fathers Day to a very special man.  This is his daughters first one without him.  CJ….Happy Fathers Day.  I know that someway somehow you will let Brooklyn know you are with her.  Ash tells her about you all the time.  She makes sure you are never forgotten as if forgetting you was even possible. Lol.

So again from us here at Paresistance we wish you a Happy Fathers Day!!!

Keep It Real and Keep It Classy!

I need to have a word with the “Boss”

They say write what you know and how you feel…
I have a question instead of a belief…

Why is it my whole life I can interact and communicate with spirits… Yet i cannot with the love of my life CJ MOSCHETTO?

Why is it we can catch him on film, yet he can’t show himself to me?

And why is it I can catch his scent waft through my room, yet i don’t feel his presence?
I’m completely baffled by this.

Could it be there’s “laws” that can’t be broken when a “sensitive” is dealing with someone so close to their heart?
Just like a psychic can’t predict their own future? Or could it be I’m blind to it right now because I’m so stressed and devastated? Or he hasn’t been on the other side long enough to be able to break the boundary between the living and the dead? (He’s the paranormal bad boy, he isn’t going to follow “rules”.) lol
He communicated to me through various people including a respected medium, maybe in time I won’t need a medium to hear from him.
I get a strong sign at least once a week he is around… Maybe I’m greedy and I want more!

Does anyone have anything to add to this? I’m very interested in your views/beliefs on this!!

-Ash of E.N.E.M.I

Ash of E.N.E.M.I

Hello everyone.
My name is Ash and I am a member of E.N.E.M.I
As most of you know we lost our founder and leader CJ MOSCHETTO on April 27,2013. He also happened to be my boyfriend, my SOUL MATE, and my best friend.
CJ was always searching for truth and I will be brief on how he passed… I have a point to make i promise.

CJ had a preexisting heart condition (endocarditis) at the age of 25 he had 2 valves replaced on his heart, and then at the age of 26 he had to have the valves replaced again because the first ones didnt take…
This brings us to age 33,
In the past year he contracted a staph infection that we didnt know about.
Over time his blood became toxic and on Friday April 26 he suffered a heart attack and stroke at our house while i was with him. ( luckily it was during his sleep)
Paramedics brought him to a local hospital and within 45 minutes he was MEDFLIGHTED to Tufts Medical Center in Boston.
We did all we could but the dr had said “he is the sickest patient in the entire hospital”
He was put in a medical induced coma and eventually all his organs shut down and on Saturday April 27, 2013 at 11:15 pm CHRISTOPHER “CJ” MOSCHETTO passed away.

Now this is my point.
CJ was always fighting for TRUTH in the paranormal “community” to call out the bullshit when he saw it and brought it into the light.
After he had passes 2 known “bullshit artists” decided to spread a rumor that CJ died of a drug overdose and they got this information from the family.
Hmmmm… Even talking shit when he’s dead VERY CLASSY!
I was there when all this happened, i was there at the hospital, etc…
Now i will be using this as the fuel to my fire to make an impact in the field!
I know he will be guiding me through this and the entire team.
We have a lot going on behind the scenes to get our TEAM back together and rebuild ourselves after this devastating loss.
Thank you to all that have supported us during this time and all the messages I have personally received to get me through the day.

In the words of CJ MOSCHETTO



New Members

Hello everyone.  Before long within the next day or two you will receive introductions of the newest members of Paresistance. 
As you all know my partner my co founder of Paresistance but most importantly my friend and brother passed away and has now joined us on the other side of the paranormal field.
I say this with certainty because he has made himself known to a few of us that are close to him.  You may even be one of them.
His soul mate Ash who is my dear friend my sister will be resuming his role as well as adding her own to the greatness of Paresistance.  You will love her. She and CJ were always together and worked on so many things wig each other.  I am very proud and honored to have her aboard.
And then there is Gregg.  He also was a friend to CJ.  He helped when and where he could.  I would like to see what he can bring to the table as well.
After all, we all seek the same, the truth.  Please make sure to welcome them and make them feel at home as you have CJ and myself. 
Remember to keep it real and stay classy!!!!